[attention! these dolls below are n o t mine, so if you like them as much as i do, you'll go and
see the creators' site and adopt them from their original homes - not from here,,, thank you!]

still missing a proper links-page, therefor had the urge to update my adoptions -section,,, :>
here are some of my contemporary classic favourites, which - amazingly enough :P - seem to
have a couple of things in common: fauna-theme, purple hair, glasses, and - obviously - - -
a certain amount of certain attitude ;P

this brilliantly intensive stare was created by jenny/punky.

katie has an ultimately beautiful and clear style!

lotta is the indie-pop-
princess of the scene!

nett + ayana, my top_2
fav minni-enthusiasts! :P
and overall geniuses! :>

hannahbelle is the master
of alternative dolls :]

josie's given this chickie
an adooorable character!

marion's insane creativity - impossible to describe! ;D

lola's characters are
ultimately sweet :>

iik! ;D i lllurve this
little racer by nicki!

solid coolness- - -and yet just a minimal example of what denise's capable of creating,,,

yes, also my older adoptions can still be seen :>